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8 Over-the-Top Luxury Features in the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

While I was prepared and expecting this beauty to spoil me, and I love me some Mercedes-Benz in any way, shape or form, especially AMG models for their added performance and driving enjoyment, this one still managed to surprise me in joyful ways.

I want it all if I’m spending a small fortune on a family vehicle. I want driving enjoyment, comfort, luxury and space, both for cargo and passengers, an all-in-one package. The AMG GLS 63 delivers in all four ways.

Performance is all-in on the AMG GLS 63

While the interior luxury is all here, and then some, and I’ll cover all that in a moment, I want to take a minute to tell you about how it feels to drive the AMG GLS 63. While it’s a full-size 3-row SUV, it also delivers plenty of performance under the hood with its hand-built 4L twin-turbo V8 with a mild hybrid, generating 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, blasting to 100 kph in just over 4 seconds.

That means you can bring the kids, the gear, throw some skis on the roof and head to the mountain, and you will do it while still thoroughly enjoying your time behind the wheel.

Take a look at those unique matte black Monoblock wheels; they are 23” forged, meaning they are handmade and a classic yet modern Mercedes-Benz statement piece. They are a $2,000 option in Canada and a $5,450 option in the USA.

This Interior is Here to Spoil You Every Day in Every Way

If the air suspension for that incredibly smooth ride isn’t enough to spoil you, the interior will wrap you in comfort and make you feel like a star daily.

1. Heated armrests in the first two rows

I’m not sure I’ve seen this feature on any of my test drives besides the GLS 450, which is the same three-row SUV from Mercedes-Benz without the AMG performance, but this feels heavenly on a cool day. I think this one is especially beneficial to your passengers because you’re probably not resting full arms on the center console or door rest while driving, but both heat for your front passenger. Even the second-row captain’s chairs get their door armrest heated while their seat heat is turned on.

2. Heated and power adjustable seats in the second row

Not only do the second-row seats warm, but they are also power-adjustable so that your passengers, young or old, can be wholly warmed up while on chillier road trips and power the seat to the perfect spot for ultimate comfort. The number one goal of a road trip with kids is to minimize the bickering, complaining and noise from the backseats while you travel and can help to keep all of that to a bare minimum.

3. Automatic seat adjustment to height

Be prepared to have the perfect driving position chosen for you. All you have to do is type your height into the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system, and it power adjusts the headrest, height of the seat, recline, thigh extender, and even the steering wheel into the absolute perfect spot for you to drive safely at your height. This feature was a fun one to demonstrate on video (find me on Instagram or TikTok) because I often get comments on social media about how close I sit to the steering wheel as I’m 5’1”.

4. Rear power window shades that can be controlled from the driver’s seat

Not only do your second-row passengers get window shades, which are perfect for toddlers and babies, but you can also control them from the driver's seat. As a mom of three, I think of how convenient this would have been when mine were young and unable to set up their space when the sun was shining too bright, and it was a hot day out.

5. Heated and Cooled Cup Holders

I have only seen this in a couple of other cars, the GLS 450 and the BMW X7, so this luxe touch is reserved for the uber fancy 3-row SUVs in my experience. Yes, you can pop your hot or cold beverage in the front cupholders in the center console, and at the tap of a button, it will keep your drink hot or cold. The only thing I would change is to have one hot and one cold cupholder, or is that asking just a touch too much?

6. Eight different types of massage for driver and passenger

We all love a good massaging seat, am I right? I mean, you can even get massaging seats in a Ford Explorer now, so it’s not like this tech or luxury feature is really that unique. However, the GLS takes it up a level by offering eight different massage options! You can choose if you’d like Hot Relaxing Back, Hot Relaxing Shoulder, even Activating or Classic types of massage while driving. Personally, I can only use this option while I’m parked and waiting for kids or stuck in traffic, as I find it incredibly distracting while driving.

7. 5-zone climate control

Yes, I said 5-zone, meaning that even your third-row passengers will have control over their heating and cooling. Catering to families is a big draw in an SUV like this one because we all know that the arguing siblings in the back seat don’t feel the same temperature, so having individual climate controls is excellent. I feel like this is a bit on the uber-luxury end of things.

8. 6 USB-C charging ports and power in the second and third row

Everyone knows kids need power to charge devices; well, the GLS 63 has no shortage of options. The second-row houses 2 USB-C charging ports and a household plug, and the third row has no less than 4 USB-C charging ports.

Be Prepared for Sticker Shock: This SUV Costs Almost as Much as a House

The AMG GLS 63 starts at a whopping $160,900 CAD or $132,300 USD, and our test model was topped up with options for a mind-blowing $167,700 CAD or $142,955 USD for a luxury, performance family road tripper. While it sounds like a lot, it is so luxurious, comfortable, chock-full of safety features and yet is also capable and fun to drive for a 6-seat 3-row SUV. You can get this with a second-row bench seat which means it’ll carry up to seven people. If it’s in your budget, it’s a fabulous choice.

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