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Family Car but make it FUN: 2022 Mercedes-AMG E 53 Coupe

Looking for a family car that is luxurious, fun and fast, yet fits the bill for a grocery getter and carpool? The Mercedes-AMG E 53 Coupe is here for you. It seats four, so it’s not a full-size family car by any means, but if you don’t need more than four, this is a fun option.

Fun Factor: 10

Can it Family: 6

Fuel-Friendly: 6

HWY-warrior: 9

Karaoke-Friendly: 10

Baby-Friendly: 5

City Cruising: 9

It Sails

With AMG Ride Control+, the E 53 is self-lowering and self-levelling, offering the smoothest of rides. With the combination of the air suspension and a powerful engine, including a mild hybrid offering instant electric torque, the E 53 feels a lot like sailing smoothly and quickly, with a generous growl under the hood. The AMG E 53 offers a turbo and supercharged inline 6-cylinder with a robust 429 horsepower and 384 lb-feet of torque powering all four wheels. This means you’ll merge onto the highway for school drop-off in no time, from 0-60 mph in about 4.4 seconds!

Not only can the AMG E 53 perform like a muscle car, but it also offers five drive modes, including slippery mode, so it handles well in any road conditions. Take those drive modes from Slippery to Sport+ or even customize your mode in Individual to set it the way you want. I personally prefer Sport+ but with the Comfort suspension. You can set it however you like and drive in ultimate comfort.

Interior luxury all the way, but keep your passenger count low

The Coupe offers seating for four, so you’ll have to limit the carpool and field trip volunteering with this one. However, if you have one or two children, it’s a fun family drive.

The cabin's interior is luxurious in every way, including leather seating surfaces as standard and a sleek pillarless and frameless design, making it so sophisticated and sporty at once. Plus, this design allows for easier access to the rear seats.

Two ISOFIX or LATCH are standard as well for infant and child car seats.

Our test model had a few upgrades, including a Carbon Fiber trim and dynamic headliner, adding to the luxe feeling overall.

Safety and tech are all here, but it’s optional

The Intelligent Drive package is an option for $2700 CAD. It includes advanced driver assistance features such as active and evasive steering assist, emergency braking, active blind spot monitoring, lane keeping and lane change assist, and enhanced adaptive cruise with stop and go.

Hefty price tag

For all of the luxury and tech in the GT 53, you’re paying for it. Starting at $119,800 CAD or $103,650 USD, it’s not for small budgets. We tested the MANUFAKTUR edition with Intelligent Drive and Premium Package plus for an additional $25,000 CAD, coming in at gasp-worthy $154,600 CAD.

The MANUFAKTUR edition features unique styling inside and out; the Rubellite Red metallic paint, 21” unique forged wheels, exclusive Nappa leather, a 3-passenger rear seat, and AMG head-up display. I wasn’t able to see this option on the USA website.

Would I buy this luxe family speedster?

Unfortunately, it’s just a little outside my price range for a family car, but I sure do love it!

*The Mercedes-AMG GT 53 was loaned to me from Mercedes-Benz Canada to facilitate this review.

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