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2023 Porsche Macan T

This week we are reviewing the 2023 Porsche Macan T. Our vehicle was assembled at the Leipzig Plant in Germany and had an MSRP of CAD $91,900.00.

Porsche Macan T
Photo by Vince P. Szigeti

Fun Factor: 10

Under the hood of the Macan T, you'll find a 2.0L turbo engine mated to a delicious 7-Speed PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe). The engine produces 261hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, perfect for accelerating to 100km/h from a still stand in just 6.2 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than the base model. These official figures may not look extraordinary on paper, but they are underrated. The vehicle responded quickly and pushed us back into our seats. In addition, the symphony that rejoices after each gear shift is an explosion of crackles and bangs coming from the exhaust. It will instantly put a smile on your and your kids' faces. The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) came equipped with the Adaptive Air Suspension on Macan T we tested, which on our sublime pothole-ridden streets, makes for an option we would not skip. It also enhances the driving dynamics on better roads; we saw many advantages when driving it on snow. However, the Macan T becomes playful and permissive thanks to the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV+), allowing the rear wheels to adjust braking intelligently to take corners tighter. It almost made for some fun drifts in the snow.

The custom colour we see here, Speed Yellow, is part of the paint-to-sample collection and will set you back $13,050 for it alone. Yet, this made the Macan T stand out in a sea of black, white and grey vehicles. More horsepower doesn't translate into more fun; the lighter weight of the 2.0L turbo engine made this SUV oh-so agile.

Can it Family: 7

The Macan T comes standard with sports seats, which are 8-way adjustable. Those do not have any memory, but you can upgrade them to 14-way and even 18-way with the Sport Seats Plus. The sporty look transposed to the outer back seats as well. The seating is comfortable even in base form and kept us in place whenever we pushed the vehicle around corners. The back is smaller than the competitors' and felt narrow for our little ones. The Macan T doesn't come standard with a panoramic roof; this would solve the issue and let more light inside the vehicle. Trunk space is 488L when you fold the seats; this increases to 1503L.

Fuel-Friendly: 6

Porsche announces the following fuel economy for the Macan, 12.4 L/100km in the city, 9.3L/100km on the Hwy and a combined fuel economy of 11L/100km. We saw a combined fuel economy of 14.4L/100km during our 500km test. The exterior temperatures oscillated between +5c and -19c during our test; this would also explain why we saw an average fuel economy of 12.0L/100km on the Hwy as it was the coldest period of the week. (Hwy test speeds are based on 110km/h; included is on-ramp acceleration)

HWY-warrior: 10

It's no surprise that the Macan handles well on the Hwy; what was astonishing is that it felt more sports car than an SUV. We had to remind ourselves several times that we were driving an SUV. Speed is limited to 232km/h, as per Porsche. Towing is limited to 2000kg.

Baby-friendly: 8

The doors are fitted with traditional door handles, making them easy for kids to open. They open wide enough for kids to enter the vehicle with ease. The installation of car seats is easy. The Isofix ports are clearly visible and hidden by a flap. Once we lifted the flap, we had no trouble latching the car seat into place; the rear anchors were easy to attach. The only issue we saw was infant car seats eating up into the passenger's space in front. As well as, the belt buckles are positioned relatively low into the seat, making it more difficult for kids in booster seats to buckle themselves. Otherwise, even with the aggressive sports seats, we found a perfect fit for rear-facing car seats and forward-facing car seats. Finally, the vehicle also notifies you when any of your children unbuckle themselves, including for the middle seat, which is rare in this segment.

Porsche Macan T interior
Photo by Alain Kuhn Von Kuhnenfeld

Karaoke Friendly: 9

Our vehicle was equipped with a base 10-speaker sound system and a 150 watts subwoofer. Porsche does offer 2 additional sound systems; our audiophile ears were satisfied with the quality of the base system; it's an option you can leave out and enjoy the sound of the quad exhausts a little more. The infotainment is 10.9-inch which is a decent size without impairing its functionality while driving. Porsche was one of the first companies to offer wireless CarPlay, contributing to the vehicle's ease of use. Often wireless phone mirroring gives us headaches while testing them in different models. It disconnects, or the system overloads when multiple phones enter the vehicle. This was different inside the Macan T, giving us the option straight away to which phone it should connect.

City Cruising: 7

Currently, the Macan is not offered as a hybrid nor as a PHEV; you need to choose the large Cayenne E-Hybrid to get these features. Rumours have it that Porsche is working on a full EV version which could be an excellent option for city dwellers. Finally, what's important is comfort and ease of driving, which the Macan does very well. The camera is of excellent quality, and optionally Porsche offers the self-steering to assist you with parking in tight spots.

Porsche Macan T
Photo by Vince P. Szigeti

Why would we buy the Porsche Macan T, or what we liked about it?

It offers a lot of goodies compared to the base model; it also gives it a more aggressive look and, in our opinion, a better bargain compared to the base Macan. It drives like a charm; without the added cost of a specific colour, the Macan T is an excellent value for its class.

Porsche Macan drive mode selector
Photo by Alain Kuhn Von Kuhnenfeld

Why would we not buy the Porsche Macan T, or what did we not like about it?

To be fair, the Macan T has very few flaws. It could offer more space for rear passengers.

Porsche Macan T
Photo by Vince P. Szigeti

Porsche has lent us this vehicle as a press vehicle. We have no affiliation with Porsche Canada. The above reflects our personal opinion.

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