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2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

This week we have the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid in Titanium trim. Our test car had an MSRP of $44139 and was assembled at the Hermosillo in Mexico.

Fun Factor: 6

Can it Family: 5

Fuel-Friendly: 8

HWY-warrior: 7

Karaoke Friendly: 6

Baby friendly: 3

City Cruising: 8

We’ve tested past Fusion, and we were always a little disappointed with the gas consumption of EcoBoost engines. The Hybrid models are refreshing to see especially after Ford had announced that they would discontinue sedans. We didn’t expect to look at any vehicles from Ford any time soon. However, Ford has decided to keep the Fusion for a little longer mainly as a Hybrid and a Plug-in Hybrid. From all the discontinued cars the Fusion will be the last to leave its lineup. 2018 sales were down with a respectable 173600 units, the share of 2018 hybrid sales are not yet available at this time. However, in 2017 the percentage of Hybrid was 27% if you add up plug-in hybrid, the amount jumps to 32% of all Fusion sales. The sales of hybrids have been growing year on year meanwhile the more traditional ICE sales have dropped rapidly.

Now is the Ford Fusion Hybrid Fun to Drive? We have mixed feelings on that subject. The car drives quietly and has enough power to feel zippy. The hybrid model comes with a 2.0L ICE combined with the electric motor they produce 188hp and 130 lb-ft of torque all this power is mates with a CVT. The acceleration to 100km/h as per Ford is 8.6 seconds, the fastest we were able to achieve on Eco tires was 9.4 seconds. What’s less pleasant is the engine noise under heavy accelerations, the engine note is dreadful. All of this changes when you keep the car in EV mode, the car is quiet and relaxing, even under colder temperature the hybrid system provides a comfortable ride. The Ford Fusion in Hybrid form as tested with the current drive train isn’t as fun as he would have hoped. A more engaging mode surely would help remedy the fun aspect of this Hybrid. Our car was equipped with 18 inch eco winter tires.

Can the Fusion Hybrid be a family car? We would say the Fusion isn’t ideal. Several aspects make it a compromise owning it. First, the trunk has a significant bump making it hard to place any kind of strollers in the trunk, even larger suitcases are going to be a challenge to be appropriately stored. The car seats 5 people very comfortably. 3 adults can sit on the back seats, making the Fusion ideally for Cab drivers in the city or as a City car.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid got an average gas consumption of 7.2L per 100km. Ford announces a combined gas consumption of 5.6L per 100km. As for the city 5.5L and on the HWY 5.6L per 100km. These results seem attainable as our tests were done with temperatures below -20c.

The HWY performance of the Fusion is okay, road noise is minimal, performance isn’t necessarily the best or anything that will wow the driver. We were able to keep EV mode for short times up to 100km/h, Ford does claim that in normal conditions the car can drive in EV mode up 135km/h. On the HWY the fusion’s suspension does an excellent job without upsetting the car even with the additional weight of the battery in the trunk the car feels nimble and planted.

The sound system of the Fusion is okay decent quality, given you the possibility to enjoy songs with your family & friends. The infotainment is simple to use in its form, what we like less is where the steering wheel heating option is hidden in the heating sub-menu. Our car was well equipped for the price. The screen is of good quality make parking in smaller spots easy without having to guess if you’re adequately parked.

This is where the low point comes for the Ford Fusion, whoever designed the ISOFIX latches in the Fusion Hybrid didn’t have kids in mind. The latches are hind far underneath the leather seats making it very hard to install a child seat. Once you have your car seat installed, you’ll never want to remove it. The back door open wide, and you’ll have enough room to insert the car seat and still have enough space for yourself.

Compared to our Hybrid’s the Fusion drives similar to other mainstream hybrids of past generations. The ride in the city in heavy traffic is pleasant knowing that you can be in EV mode most of the time. On another side when accelerating from a red light, it seems to be harder to get the car in EV mode unless the acceleration pedal is touched in a feather-light manner. Don’t get us wrong the Fusion is a good city car, it just comes with a couple of quirks.

What we’ve liked on our Ford Fusion: Great gas mileage for such a spacious car, comfortable seats for everyone in the car, car shows superior build quality.

What we’ve liked less on our Ford Fusion: Installation if rear car seats, limited trunk space, acceleration & engine noise under heavy load.

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