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2019 Ford Edge Titanium AWD

This week we are reviewing the 2019 Ford Edge in Titanium Trim with an approximate MSRP of $51149. Our car was proudly assembled in Oakville Canada!

Fun Factor:5

Can it Family: 7

Fuel-Friendly: 6

HWY-warrior: 7

Karaoke Friendly: 6

Baby friendly: 6

City Cruising: 5

The Ford Edge prioritizes comfort over driving thrill, the word will come up a lot in the next paragraphs because it truly was a comfortable ride for all the family and our test car came with all the options to please everyone. Cozy leather seating, clear sound system, heating in all seats, Panoramic Vista Roof among other things and the Dual-Headrest Rear Entertainment System for our little passengers. We guess the entertainment was easy to use as our tweenagers quickly set a on mission to demystify the whole system and were ready to go on our road trip to Burlington, VT with their Ducktales DVD and knew how to listen to music, and we honestly don’t know what other features. We were just too happy to have peace and quiet in the car while driving, all of you with kids will understand…

The suspension does its magic over bumps and potholes without having any type of bubble head effect. The driving dynamics in our mind still need to be polished. When selecting D, the car moves along as if it was trying to seek the highest gear as quickly as it can making it feel more like an ECO mode then a standard mode. As for the S mode, the powerful 2.0L twin-scroll in-line 4 engine seems to be held back by the slow shifting 8-speed transmission that can feel jerky at times. In our opinion, the engine is well balanced for a car this size. The EcoBoost engine of the Edge produces 250hp and 280 lb.-ft of torque when running on 93 octane gas. In our real life, 0-100km/h test the Edge propelled itself to 100km/h in 8.05 seconds. These results were achieved with lower than 93 octane fuel and with winter tires. Part of our test was done with 93 octane as most gas stations don’t offer more than 91 octane fuel in Quebec, only Petro-Canada does offer 94 octane gas at select locations in Quebec. We had to drive down to our American neighbor in Vermont to get the sought after Dinosaur juice with more than 91 octane. The Edge isn’t meant to be pushed hard in corners, its massive body leans to one side when cornering quickly and will require several maneuver inputs to take a corner at higher speeds. It is still a significant improvement over the prior generation of the Ford Edge that felt like a massive brick on wheels. In simple words, the Ford Edge likes when corners are taken nice and smoothly. There isn’t anything wrong with that as the Edge seems to be targeted to a clientele that looks for comfort over sportiness.

Is the Edge a family car? Yes no doubt there, starting with the driver and co-pilot having access to cooled & heated seats. Excellent front visibility and if you’re unsure how much space you have in front of you, our version even had a front facing camera that can be manually activated by a click of a button. Now, where it gets interesting are the rear seats. Those sitting closest to the door will have screens that are integrated into the front seat's driver and passenger headrest. The screens offer connectivity via USB, HDMI and/or playback using a DVD/Blu-ray. They are controlled via a small remote while the sound is played via 2 wireless headsets, hence not disturbing the driver while the kids watch Ducktales. As for the trunk, it will fit a huge hiking stroller and more! Large hockey bags will fit with ease and if more space is needed the rear seats can fold in a 40/60 fashion. The Edge can fit 3 adults in the back seats without too much hassle, even installing 2 car seats with a smaller adult is possible. The rear seats also offer heated seats for these colder winter/spring months. As for the quality and finish of the car, it felt very upmarket and received lots of attention even random people would walk up to us and ask questions about the Edge. The metallic blue color in our opinion fits the Edge well and accentuates its exterior curves.

How is the fuel consumption of a massive crossover such as the Edge? Ford announces the following gas consumption: 11.4L per 100km in the city, 8.3L per 100km on the HWY and a combined result of 10L per 100km. As for our real-life test, the results we’ve achieved in the city were 13.2L per 100km, on the HWY 8.9L and a combined result of 10.5L per 100km. These results were obtained with exterior temperatures oscillating between -2c & +12c with 20 inch Toyo winter tires (225/50R20). Our test route was over 650km being 40% city and 60% HWY. Those results are in-line with what Ford claims.

How is the Edge on the HWY? The Edge is a true HWY warrior great for long distance drives. For starters, Ford's Co-Pilot360 Assist does a great job at assisting the driver on long rides and stays well inline even when the road markings are not as defined as tis often the case at the end of winter. We appreciated being able to let go a little, the maneuvers of the Co-Pilot360 Assist were perfectly executed, and we would even go as far as saying that it works better than certain premium brands. We tested the system at night with lanes being less then visible and our test vehicle was able to take curves without us having to do any corrections and if the situation arose that lines where inexistent the system started beeping to warn us that the system has disengaged. When staying within speed limits and using 93 octane fuels, we were able to achieve gas consumption as low as 6.9L per 100km on the HWY making it great for long distance trips without breaking the bank. The cabin is well insulated making conversation with passengers comfortable and pleasant without the need to repeat yourself. Even road noise that goes into the cabin is low, even though our car was equipped with winter tires. Overall, we think the Edge makes a beautiful and comfortable long-distance hauler being able to withstand the harshest climates.

The sound system featured in the Edge Titanium is of high precision. The Bang & Olufsen system never disappointed us. Playback of songs in a variety of music styles always sounded stellar. On a side note, the SYNC 3 infotainment feels cluttered, and the integration of Apple Car play/Android Auto feels unnatural. To give an example if you need to turn on your heated steering wheel, you need to get out of car play then select climate and then select a submenu before being able to turn it on which means you can't see your directions at the same time as you change the temperature. You better know where you're going! Some of the color choices within SYNC 3 aren’t really beautiful, especially those used in Ford’s intergraded maps; however, for those using Apple car play or Android auto, this will be a non-issue. Also, the placement of some hard buttons such as changing temperature when not using SYNC 3 is laid out unnaturally especially when driving. The placement of the physical buttons are low and will make you take your eyes off the road, which is counterintuitive. Even the steering wheel has too many buttons making it less effective and more confusing that it needs to be.

How easy is it to install car seats in the Edge? First, the Edge offers 2 pairs of ISOFIX ports that are slightly hidden under the seats making them simple enough to latch your car seat. We would still wish for the ISOFIX ports to be more accessible, making it easier to take your car seat in and out. The rear door opens wide getting larger car seats in & out quickly.

How is the Ford Edge in the City? The Edge rather enjoys its self on long stretches of roads instead of having to deal with stop and go traffic where it has to bring in motion it’s 1.8 tons forward. It will accelerate nice and smoothly. Even though the Edge is a bigger crossover parking was never an issue. The car offers a rear camera that can be activated on demand if needed, and if you can’t be bothered with that, the Ford Edge will park itself.

What we've liked on our Ford Edge; comfortable ride, good hwy gas mileage for an AWD crossover, lots of cargo room, sound system

What we've liked less on our Ford Edge; Sync 3, Cornering, gas mileage in the city

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