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2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara

After 12 years a welcoming refresh for the Jeep Wrangler has arrived, last year we have the chance to drive the old JK Wrangler, the differences seem subtle however they have a significant impact on performance and drivability. This model has an MSRP shy of $52000.

Fun-Factor: 7/10

Can it Family 8/10

Fuel-Friendly 6/10

HWY-Warrior 2/10

Comfort 7/10

Karaoke Friendly:7/10


Can it Off-Road 9/10 (model specific/ tire specific)

The Firecracker Red wrangler turns heads even to purest wrangler following. Our model has the Bridgestone Dueler H/T all season tires. These tires are suitable for everyday usage some soft off-roading can be done.

The Wrangler feels home everywhere except on highway, anything over 120km/h makes the off-road centric suspension uncomfortable to maintain within highway lane, the Wrangler feels most at home on back roads without its roof that is now even easier to remove and has a dedicated spot in the trunk for the screws.

Can it family, it certainly can, it has a large trunk it can move the largest hockey bags and home appliances. I even help a friend transport a full-size desk unmounted in the trunk of the jeep thanks to the large opening of the Wrangler. It is comfortable to sit in the back of the car as an adult, even if you install one or 2 car seats.

As for the gas consumption, we were pleasantly surprised that the new Wrangler improved by so much versus the last generation with the 6 speed automatic and the new 8-speed automatic throughout our 1000km journey, the average results were11.4L/100km this included 30/30/30/10 city/backroad/HWY/off-road.

The cloth seats were very comfortable, we would personally not upgrade to the leather seats as they are comfortable enough and would take away of off-road look.

The infotainment is the same across all FCA models the famous & straightforward to use Uconnect. Some of the climate functionalities are available as a physical button for those not comfortable with a touchscreen.

We think this new Jeep is a great weekend getaway car that can bring you to the best outdoor/camping places and at the same time make you discover places impossible with other vehicles. The main negative is driving on the highway. Visibility is excellent however blind spot monitoring should be standard on a 52k car. The car feels lighter the previous models and makes a huge difference in gas mileage.

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