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2 Years of Cadillac Live: A new way of shopping

A couple of days ago, we had the chance to speak to Heba Amin, Marketing & Communications Manager for Cadillac Canada. We discussed the second birthday of Cadillac Live. It's a feature of the Canadian Cadillac website ever so popular since the beginning of the pandemic.

Cadillac Live provides a different shopping experience online as the market is heading more and more in that direction, allowing you not only to see the vehicles but test how they would fit your lifestyle. When using Cadillac Live, you are talking to an employee in their Toronto studio; they won't see you, but you will realize it's live! Similar to when you are making a video call, and they'll answer any question you may have on any Cadillac vehicle in their current lineup.

Heba added that when the new Escalade was revealed last February 2020, they received it before everyone else, so anyone who wanted to visit the Escalade could do so before it would be available in their nearest Cadillac showroom. More recently, they even had the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing, once again before any showroom in the country.

Heba also explained they had accessories to help customers imagine how the vehicle would work for them, such as a hockey bag. On National puppy day, they brought different items pet owners might need and placed them in the cars to show how they would fit and how pets would feel comfortable in a Cadillac product. Overall, Cadillac Live has been a popular feature among customers; the manufacturer registered 59 200 live sessions in 2020 and more than 1300 test drives. Not to worry; the platform doesn't replace in-person car buying. Instead, it provides an additional tool for shopping at Cadillac, more customized; you can connect to a live session or set an appointment for one during the generous hours available, at home or on the go. The agent will give you the possibility of scheduling a test drive following your session to complete your shopping process.

We gave it a try, and it was pretty cool. We only waited a few minutes before making our way into the digital showroom; we asked for information about the Cadillac XT4. The agent gave us a 5-minute presentation about the vehicle's features while showing us the interior, the trunk space. We also asked about installing car seats. A must if you are looking to buy a Cadillac!

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