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GM Ultium battery, the power of the future

General Motors, in collaboration with Cadillac Canada, invited us to the presentation of their latest battery technology, the Ultium platform they will use throughout their entire lineup. Not only is it a new way of powering their vehicles, but they also improved the overall connections between the battery cells by removing the wires and putting together what GM calls the Wireless Battery Management System (WBMS).

This means that if, for example, if one cell is faulty, the technicians at the dealer will be able to identify which cell is problematic and thus will be far easier to correct the problem. Another added benefit of this new platform is the possibility of stacking more cells depending on how big the vehicle is and how much range the customer will choose. Since the body and the battery pack were engineered simultaneously, these two elements will work side by side to enhance performance in all conditions.

Finally, General Motors also thought of the cybersecurity surrounding the WBMS. Being a wireless system, consumers may be worried about cyberattacks; the manufacturer has worked with cybersecurity companies on end-to-end encryption and uses different frequencies to ensure the highest level of security of the whole system. It will be a very robust ecosystem, GM assured us during the presentation.

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