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2023 CADILLAC LYRIQ Canadian reservations are going well!

Recently, Cadillac invited us to join them in Old Montreal to tell us more about the brand's overall direction for the future. The much anticipated Cadillac Lyriq will revolutionize the luxury brand. They confirmed the firsts RWD models would be ready at the end of the summer, and the AWD models, by the end of the year. They were pleased to see younger buyers interested in the Lyriq. About 1800 people have put in the 100$ and are eager to get their hands on the first Cadillac built on the Ultium platform developed in-house by GM.

Cadillac Lyriq cold testing

Cadillac announced a few months back that it would become a complete EV brand by 2030. Still, at the moment, they’ve got two performance-oriented sedans, the CT4 and CT5 Blackwing, with a third model coming up, a surprising one, the Escalade V. They said they’re seeing a shift in people’s opinion of the brand, as it slowly but surely climbs up the list for people looking to buy a luxury model. They want to capitalize on this momentum by remodelling many of their dealerships and preparing them to work on totally different products in a few years, both in the sales department and service.

Cadillac Escalade V

Finally, we learned more about Ultracruise, their next-level semi-autonomous driver assistant. UltraCruise will be 85-90% autonomous, and Cadillac plans on launching it next year. We’re eager to test this feature which would take us a step closer to a driverless future.

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