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2019 BMW M240i

This week we present the BMW M240i, we flew to Munich and drove this little beast on the Autobahn. Our car was assembled in Leipzig, Germany and had an MSRP of €60250. A similar vehicle would be priced at $60997 CAD in Canada.

Fun Factor:9

Can it Family: 3

Fuel-Friendly: 8

HWY-warrior: 9

Karaoke Friendly: 6

Baby friendly: 2

City Cruising: 7

This incredible machine continuously pushes you back into your seat from the first time you hit the accelerator until you reach 256km/h. Yes, we tested the car to its full potential whenever possible, or at least to what the road conditions allowed us to drive. BMW announces an acceleration to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds for the M240i, all this power comes from the famously TwinPower Turbo in-line 6-banger making 335hp or 340 German horse. The engine is mated to an eight-speed sport transmission with paddle shifters. The torque output is 369 lb-ft of torque. Remarkably, we achieved 100km/h in a brutal 4.1 seconds, we then continued our acceleration swiftly to 200km/h. The transmission of the M240i shifts rapidly and in no single instance did we ever need to use the pedal shifter to shift quicker. After several attempts (due to surrounding traffic), we were finally able to maintain a max speed of 256km/h as shown by the car's cluster. The speed on the vehicle is electronically limited to 250 km/h; therefore, it's difficult to know whether this was the actual speed, at the time we were not able to verify it with GPS and the car reading may have been showing a higher speed than reality.

Traveling at these speeds is no joke, an inexperienced driver can quickly lose control and crash. It also doesn't mean that if you have a car capable of achieving these speeds that it should be done as other drivers are sharing the road with you on the Autobahn, and these drivers can be unpredictable especially at these speeds. We have several years of experience driving on race tracks and on the Autobahn, and unfortunately, we've seen our share of accidents were people didn't make it out. If attempting to drive this fast on the Autobahn take it slowly get to know your car first check your tires if they're rated for a high enough speed, also get to know your own limits and respect the road signs as the Autobahn does have speed limits on several stretches. Most importantly respect the flow of traffic and use the proper lanes to overtake. Otherwise, your license may be taken away on the spot, the German Autobahnpolizei doesn't play around and follows the rules to the letter that's not including the hefty fine you'll have to pay on the spot if you're not local. The M240i is a fantastic machine that BMW has brought us, to us it might be one of the best sleeper cars as it isn't a full blown M2 with the body kit and harsh suspension. It is the right balance between a gentlemen's car and a sports car. No one will judge getting out of your M240i with a suit, as it looks elegant and refined from the inside and the outside. The M240i is one of the more enjoyable cars we've been able to drive. It isn't the holy grail, however, for the price, it's a well-refined machine that can be driven every day.

First, we would like to start with a disclaimer, none of the speeds above were driven with kids in the car. It is just playing with fire and dangerous. On a more family oriented note the M240i might not satisfy all your needs. As a starter, the car can only seat 4 people. The driver and co-pilot seats are spacious and comfortable, the seating position is low, hence making it more difficult for some to get out of your car, the same goes for putting your seat buckle. Now going to the rear seats, the nicest way we can put it is that these should be used for smaller adults or kids. The M240i only has 2 doors meaning that entering the car needs to be done via the front doors, these seats are controlled electronically and move quite slowly, you will need to be patient if you wish to be driven around in the back seats or if you need to pick up your friends. Legroom & headroom is also limited for rear passengers if they are over 5ft5 we could say they will feel pretty cozy. As for luggage, one large suitcase or two medium-size luggage will fit in the trunk. The other option is a small stroller and a carry-on bag.

Someone would expect the fuel consumption to be overboard for the M240i, we averaged 8.9L per 100km over our total distance driven of 1600km. These figures include autobahn driving at speeds over 200km/h. The average consumption we've observed while driving on the HWY with speed limits between 100 and 130km/h was 6.6L per 100km, and our city consumption was 9.6L per 100km. The figures announced by BMW Germany are a combined consumption of 7.3L per 100km, however, in Canada BMW announces a combined result of 9.6L per 100km.

The M240i is a HWY warrior best friend with the decent fuel consumption 6.6L per 100km that we've observed on the HWY when driving the suggested speed limit. When the time comes to relax a little, the autonomous driving can be easily engaged and will follow traffic in the desired distance from the car in front of you. We've seen an improvement over the M540i we tested last year, back then we noticed that if the road markings were fading away, the system would disengage without any type of warning. This is no longer the case, as soon as the car feels that it may lose control the driver is notified to take back full control. The system isn't meant to be fully automated, it will still require your hands to be on the steering at all times, what it does offers is a more comfortable driving experience when engaged.

The optional Harman Kardon sound system is respectable, over the years Harman Kardon has improved on the quality of sound system found in cars and now makes some of the best systems. The one found in the M240i could use a little base however it will be satisfying for most of us. The iDrive infotainment is simple to use using the click wheel, or if you prefer using the touch screen, this is also possible. On our end, we find that those pesky fingerprints take time to clean. The resolution of the infotainment is excellent and is not annoying at night, the brightness is pleasant to the eye when the cabin is dark or bright. The placement of the infotainment is well placed for taller drivers above the climate controls, for those that are smaller the tucked on display may hinder the visibility. As for charging your phone you can either charge it wirelessly or using a USB charger. One item we did wish to add is that at higher speeds above 200km/h the A/C felt underpowered and had a hard time to cool the cabin on hot summer days then it might be desirable to slow down from time to time to give the system a break.

Now we will not lie to you, the M240i isn't the ideal car to carry small children. Starting with the electronically controlled seats that take forever to move forward and then having to attempt to put your child into his car seat will require extensive Yoga skills. Once the front seat is moved out the way, the installation of car seats is truly quite simple for a 2 door coupé, and the rear will fit up to 2 car seats. The ISOFIX ports are easily accessible, we at Driving Fun & Family Car Reviews mention this every time we notice it but it's essential for families, and more companies should offer a similar system. It would make life so much simpler traveling with kids.

Now for the last part, can the M240i be a daily driver for the city? We were able to enjoy some of the most beautiful streets in Europe that barely have any potholes making the M240i superb for driving on these roads in sport mode. The optional adaptive suspension should be added if you think of driving the M240i on roads that are potholes infested as is the case where we live, sadly. The 2 series from BMW offers a compact coupé that can easily fit into smaller city streets or even smaller parking spots as a plus the 360 degrees camera will provide extra help when having to park in darker, less visible spots or to avoid scratching your mags. Even the gas consumption can be reasonable when in sport mode to enjoy the fantastic exhaust note that the M240i has.

What did we like on the M240i and why would we buy one? The pleasure of driving! As mentioned we think BMW has done an excellent job bringing us a compact coupé without too many compromises. We would get the M240i as a daily commuter as you'll never get bored. If your kids like fast accelerations on weekend getaways this car will be perfect, just make sure to be proactive and stop before they really need to go... The functional trunk space for a coupé and foldable seats will allow fitting a mountain bike with the front wheel removed. Great shifting transmission. A convertible version is available. Comfortable seats and excellent visibility for taller drivers.

What did we like less on the M240i and why would we not buy one? The time it takes for the front seats to move forward so that the rear passengers can access or exit the back seat. Low seating position for smaller drivers. To be honest, we find it hard to find any reason why you shouldn't get one, the only one might be that your significant other might not agree on the purchase of a sports coupé.

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