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2018 Dodge Charger GT

As requested from one of our readers this week we have the 2018 Dodge Charger GT AWD, with an MSRP of $45780. Our test car was proudly assembled at the Brampton plant in Canada.

Fun Factor: 7

Can it Family: 7

Fuel-Friendly: 7

HWY-warrior: 8

Karaoke Friendly: 7

Baby friendly: 7

City Cruising: 5

When we revived our The Dodge GT to test we were a little hesitant that the only AWD version of the car came with a V6. Especially after driving several V8 variants of the car we expect to be underwhelmed with performance. As per official tests, the GT can reach 100km/h in 7.5 seconds, in our results with less than ideal conditions in the winter we’ve achieved 100 km/h in almost 8 seconds. Our model was equipped with the famous V6 Pentastar with 300hp and 264 lb-ft of torque, it is an 8hp boost & 4 lb-ft over the basic Charge. The AWD and the additional 8hp are easily noticeable. Is there any loss of enjoyment with the GT? No, it actually enhances driving in lousy condition and will keep a straight line with heavy acceleration, still have the pleasure of that kick back knowing that the GT hasn’t lost its RWD origins. When we took the GT off-road on a similar track then the Subaru Legacy we actually had more fun with the Charger. The AWD system on the GT only engaged the front wheels when the system notices that one tire starts slipping. The Charger will have no issues with snow and will make a way where there isn’t one.

Can the Charge GT be a family car? This is isn’t the first time we tested a Charger on a road trip and each time we are surprised how practically this Sedan is versus an SUV. It car easily fit 2 charge suitcases and a stroller. As for the back seats, they are big enough for 3 adults, the middle seat might be a bit uncomfortable due to the transmission tunnel for an adult. As for kids in the back row, they’ll be more than comfortable, the only downside is that there are only 2 ISOFIX ports. As for the front passenger, the cloth seats are on the firm side without being uncomfortable, the heated seats are nicely balanced and warm up quickly. On the steering wheel controls are logically placed, without being too crowded. What we appreciate on FCA products is that changing the volume or the music is done in a smart way behind the wheel.

The Dodge Charge fuel economy on our test was 12.3L per 100km in snowy conditions and with temperatures below -20C. The results were decent for a car its size, where the charger had the most difficulty with fuel economy was is in the city where we averaged 14.7L. On the HWY the Charge showed its muscle and gave us an average of 7.4L per 100km this was lower than the advertised figures from Dodge. As per Dodge, the fuel economy is 7.8L on the HWY and in the city 12.4L per 100km. The Tests were done using 87 octane fuel as this is the fuel recommended by Dodge.

We will not hide it, the Dodge Charger is an HWY warrior! You’re sitting laid back and will have no issues accelerating or even having to worry about missing any power. We tested our car on a snowy track and were able to push the Charge to almost 180km/h without having to fear of going sideways. We do not suggest you attempt this on North American roads, however, for our European readers, the Dodge Charger can Autobahn without trouble. We enjoyed the excellent fuel economy on the HWY especially as certain competitors don't even come close to that average. For longer journey the Charger is fantastic, we totally understand why police forces across North America choose the Charge. A small anecdote while we were driving our white Dodge Charger, several people thought our car was an unmarked Police car. While getting off a HWY ramp, a car on the left lane blazed away at a higher than allowed speeds. We were just starting the acceleration test and started accelerating quickly. At that same precise moment, they must have noticed us and started breaking heavily to slow down to a more acceptable speed limit. Once they did see that we weren’t an actual cop car, they drove away as if nothing had occurred.

The Alpine sound system in the Dodge is good, it was mainly tweaked for EDM and Urban music, however other styles like Jazz, Classic music and Alternative music will sound decent. As for the infotainment, Uconnect is quick and very user-friendly and is logically laid out. The downside is that the system upon turning on the engine does take longer to boot then what we would like. Rearview camera is of decent quality, we would like to see more sensors in front of the car especially at 45k.

As for the ISOFIX ports in the Dodge Charge. They will only provide seating for up to 2 child seats/ baby seat depending on the configuration that you may choose. As for using a 3rd child seat, it can only be a set up as a booster. The rear doors open wide making it easy to install child seats without too much hassle. Now onto the ISOFIX ports, they are hidden underneath the bench, we personally at Driving Fun & Family don't like this as it makes for a more challenging install. However, since the cloth seats are flexible, it isn’t too hard to install them even if they are hidden slightly.

Where the Dodge Charge doesn’t get optimal grading from us, is in the city. The large dimensions of the car can make parking challenging as you can’t see always confirm where the front end stops, we would like to see front sensor or even a front camera for those using the Charge in Urban areas. The Charge doesn’t get optimal gas mileage in the city. We can’t wait to see what type of refresh FCA will offer us in 2021, will they put a turbo 4 banger like in the new Jeep Wrangler for people in the city with a type of mild-hybrid system to help with fuel economy? We would certainly love this, we are not giving up our hopes even is sales of the Charge have seen a 48% drop compared to 2017.

What we’ve liked about our Dodge Charger: the meaner exterior look and facia from the R/T models making it look more premium the SXT models, interior material matches exterior styling. Gas consumption on the HWY. The AWD system being RWD biased.

What we’ve like less about our Dodge Charger: Gas mileage in the city, $7000 premium to have AWD. Transmission can sometimes feel jerky with heavy acceleration inputs.

Next week we will have the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

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