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2018 Crosstrek Convenience 2.0L AWD

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

This weeks review is a beautiful and practical Subaru Crosstrek.

Fun Factor: 5

Can it Family: 7

Fuel-Friendly: 9

HWY-warrior: 7

Karaoke Friendly: 6

Baby engagement: 8

The Crosstrek is a love child for North Americans families, it’s versatility of being able to handle anything from dirt roads, snowstorm with their renown AWD system. Being able to haul a family in nearly any scenario makes this 5 door Crosstrek an ideal choice under the compact crossover segment. Why would someone take the Crosstrek over other compact SUVs, first it handles more like a car than an SUV, it has fantastic fuel consumption, in our test we were able to get a gas consumption of 6.6L per 100km. It also has plenty of cargo room it even beats the new Jeep Compass in that category.

Can it Family? The doors open wide for easy installation of car seats, with 2 car seats in the back, unfortunately, space for a 3rd person is minimal. Both driver and passenger seats are comfortable for longer drives, past generations of Crosstrek were known for uncomfortable seats in the past, this has finally changed.

The car handles great, we were able to get the car on gravel roads and were able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest while feeling secure that our Crosstrek would keep us safe. The acceleration isn't class-leading in our test we were able to achieve 9.2 seconds with its 152hp 4 cylinder boxer engine. However, that doesn't seem to be the mission of this compact crossover. It was made to bring you & your family to your destination. If you live in the countryside and need something dependable that can handle light offroading or cruise the city streets, the Crosstrek will always make your life simple. It can be parked easily in smaller spaces. We would wish the screen for the review camera to be of better quality.

As far as technology goes, the car comes with 2 USB slots, the infotainment system is simple to use, while the color display makes it look primitive, it's fast and responsive and even comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

As a conclusion, We were pleasantly surprised by the value of this car and its features anyone thinking of buying a compact crossover should give the Crosstrek a shot.

Until next week where I will review a new car, please share with your friends & family to make this page grow and get the possibility to discuss more cars like these.

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