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2018 BMW M540i Touring xDrive

Review of the 2018 BMW M540i Touring xDrive

Fun Factor: 8

Can it Family: 8

Fuel-Friendy: 6

HWY-Warrior: 9

Comfort: 8

Karaoke Friendly: 6

This beautiful station wagon that we were able to drive across Europe has a Turbo inline 6-cylinder with 335hp, that feels fantastically quick with a result under 4.9 seconds to 100km/h. With a tested max speed of 256km/h on the German autobahn. This beast stays planted on the road even at higher speeds up to 220km/h. Anything above these speeds, that's when it starts to get tricky with BMW xDrive system in the 540i. It will begin to show it's limited and the car starts to steer left and right even with those massive 19-inch wheels that were run flats. The tires fitted on our 540i were made to withstand speeds up to 300km/h as per the manufacturer.

Now can it family? The massive rear section of the car can easily hold 2 car seats + 1 smaller adult comfortably. 3 car seats could fit however it might be a struggle. So let's talk about cargo, the M540i has lots of it, why buy an SUV at this point would you ask? That is indeed a good question especially that BMW is selling tons of X5. However, nothing can beat the driving aspects of a station wagon. The 540i has pure acceleration & cornering agility without having the fear that the car might engage nanny controls.

Let's talk price, this is one of the most expensive none exotic cars we've tested here at Driving Fun & Family the MSRP converted to CDN$ the car is shy of $150000. What do you get when someone spends $45000 in options? You get BMW Autonomous driving if you're planning to drive lots with the family this is a must-have. Its self-driving system is slightly different than other self-driving systems currently on the market. It doesn't warn the driver when it has disengaged the system, hands on the wheel are required at all times! You also get ventilated, and heated seats with the most beautiful leather BMW can give. A heads-up display with amazing graphics give you turn by turn direction, however the moment you're smaller or with any type of eyesight difficulty, even wearing sunglasses that are polarized, the system becomes less helpful.

Our BMW M540i parked at BMW headquarters

The fuel economy for this car is 9.4L/100km, 30 city/70 HWY with an average speed of 135.7km/h over 8000km.

Visiting the Austrian Alps and their highest point with with our BMW M540i

If you have any question about my experience with this car, please leave a comment.

Little climbs of the BMW museum in Munich

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